I am a twenty-something year old computer science graduate living in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom, in a town called Redditch. I previously studied Computer Science at the University of Exeter. I originally hail from South Gloucestershire, north of Bristol, where I had lived all my life until September 2010. My family originates from the North East of England, Gateshead more specifically; and in the South East, London in fact. I attended Marlwood School and Sixth Form, for both my compulsory secondary education and advanced level studies.


I have been running my weblog for over five years now, I started out using a DynDNS domain and hosting it from my bedroom. Time passed and I took the plunge and decided to purchase myself a domain and some hosting to go with it, but I needed a domain name. I’d recently started at university and had been assigned the username cs278 so I stuck with it.


I’m very keen on my music and I am almost always listening to something. I am without a doubt a Rock and Heavy Metal fan, although I am fairly open to other genres. I do occasionally listen to some classical music and the odd pop track. I have been scrobbling my music for over 15 years and in that time I have listened to approximately 631404 tracks or about 1754 days of music! Gigs are a big part of my musical experience and I have been fortunate to see some brilliant performances, those that are especially memorable:

I love watching films; but I rarely have any recollection of the films I’ve seen. In addition to films I am very fond of some TV series, those that stand to mind are; QI, House, Top Gear, Line of Duty, Bones, and CSI. All of which are vastly improved by the ultimate audio visual indulgence; a series marathon!

Finally nothing can beat a good old frag–fest, I have enjoyed video games since I was a child. My favourites include KSP, Borderlands 2, Killing Floor, Rocket League, Supreme Commander, Unreal Tournament, Left 4 Dead, Diablo II, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Plants vs. Zombies, and Grand Theft Auto. My Steam library is quite extensive and time consuming.


I have been an active member of a number of projects over the years, some of which are defunct now and no longer grace the Earth with their presence. I was a core contributor to phpBB as a member of their development team. I was previously involved in my universities student media website – X-Media Online.

After gaining employment my open source contributions are no longer stable but I contribute infrequently to a wider variety of open source projects, including the likes of Composer, Symfony, and Kohana.


This website stands on the shoulders of open source giants (and minnows.)


I can be emailed using the easily guessable address: chris@….org.

Alternatively you may try (and fail) to attract my attention on Twitter: @cs278.